In a local doula group, someone recently asked all the members what was their favourite thing about being a doula.

YOU! You are my favourite thing about being a doula. Seeing women like you faced with one of the most challenging moments of their lives; watching them grasp at every ounce of strength they have, seeing them transform from woman to mother as each surge brings their baby closer; YOU are the very best part of my job.

As a doula, I work hard and tirelessly for my clients. But I don't work harder than you labour to bring forth new life.

At Heritage Birth Services, we are good at what we do, and we know that, but we are also incredibly humbled every time we are in the presence of a woman delivering her child. Why? Because we realize that you don't NEED us to give birth all the fierceness, the power, the strength that radiates through every part of you while you labour: that was God-given.

We are honoured you chose us, and we take that responsibility so seriously.

In honour of World Doula Week, we'd like to give a little something to the very best part of what we do.

We hope these birth affirmations will see you through the horror stories friends feel compelled to share, we hope they will speak truth to the doubts you carry in your own heart, we hope they will be a reminder of the very fact that you were MADE to do this.

Thank you for welcoming us into your lives, and into your families.

And thank you for being the very best part of our work.

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each surge

i am strong

at peace

my body knows

our baby

relaxed calm

soften open release

the purpose exceeds

this is touch