What does it mean to be a size-friendly doula? And why does it matter? 

It’s accurate to say that because I myself am fat I am more aware of the way that plus-sized people are treated during pregnancy and birth. This had made me a passionate advocate for size equality. I want people to be treated with the same respect that I would like to receive. I want other people to experience love, feel valued, and be celebrated for their achievements regardless of what their body looks like. I want pregnant people to be proud of their bodies and what their body has a achieved. 

But being a size friendly doula is so much more than that. No matter what size you are, when you're pregnant, everyone has an opinion about your body and they aren't afraid to voice it! Oh, the things I have heard!

"You look so tiny, there's no way a baby's going to fit."

"Because you’re overweight, a C-section would just be easiest."

"You're going to have a huge baby (or a tiny baby, a high-risk pregnancy, gestational diabetes, a super long labor, a scheduled C-section)."

"You're so huge! Are you sure there is only one baby in there?"

"You don't have fat arms so you must be having a boy!"

All of these statements (and similar comments) are completely unacceptable! People may be surprised to know that they don't have the right to comment on other people's bodies, even if that body happens to be pregnant. 

So, keeping in mind that you probably already have more than enough people ignorantly commenting on your body, we just won't. We just won't talk about your body at all except to say how gorgeous you look and how your body is doing such an amazing job growing a baby and reminding you that it's going to do an amazing job birthing that baby. We believe in our core that your ability to birth a baby is not directly related to your size.

The thing is, no matter what your size, no matter how you got pregnant or what your pregnancy was like, no matter how you birthed your baby, your body is GOOD! It did a truly amazing thing. Your body is strong and powerful and beautiful and you are a total bad ass because you made a baby. You carried a baby and birthed a baby and that should be celebrated, not scrutinized.We're size friendly doulas because we celebrate all bodies. We believe in your body's capabilities, regardless of your size or shape!