To celebrate Pi day, here's a review of my absolute favourite pizza place. The first time I walked in to Blaze Fast-Fire'd Pizza, I immediately thought, "Where have you been all my life?" The modern yet inviting restaurant in Edmonton's new Manning Town Centre is everything a pizza lover dreams of.

The always-friendly staff will explain the process and take your order. If you order a build-your-own for $11.75, you can get your choice of sauce with unlimited toppings and the ability to always ask for more cheese. You can tailor your pizza to be exactly how you like it. Down the Subway-style assembly line it goes, as you chose your perfect toppings, then into the pizza oven that cooks your pizza incredibly fast, but with a perfectly finished crispy yet chewy dough. You then have the option to add finishes, a selection of cold sauces or toppings that go on after the pizza is cooked. I always opt for pesto and arugula.

There you have it, the perfect pizza! Grab one of there mouth-watering s'mores for dessert and a blood orange lemonade to drink and you're all set.

Whether pizza is your ultimate pregnancy craving or you just need a reason to get out of the house, with the kids, Blaze Pizza never disappoints.

To celebrate pi day, their pizzas are only $3.14, so there is officially no excuse not to celebrate pi day with some of the best pizza in town!