Welcome! We are so happy you’re here! Warmest congratulations on the upcoming or recent birth of your baby! At Heritage Birth Services, we understand how this is a monumental time in your life and how excited you must be. We also understand that pregnancy and birth can sometimes be a little scary or overwhelming. Whether you want to know all the facts or need a non-judgmental listening ear, at Heritage Birth we’re like your personal Google, but better.

We want Heritage Birth Services to be your one-stop shop for all things pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. We have compassionate and professionally-trained labour and postpartum doulas who are passionate about supporting you during this exciting time. We have a postpartum placenta specialist who adheres to the highest level of safety standards for the health of everyone involved. We also have partnered with an amazing childbirth educator who can provide private or group classes because we believe knowledge is power.

We love meeting you in your daily life through our Facebook page, Instagram account, and our blog, and we look forward to providing fun and interesting classes and events that we know our clients will love! Most of all we’re here to offer you the nonjudgmental, knowledgeable, and compassionate support you desire during every step of your journey through pregnancy, birth, and postpartum. Remember you don’t have to do this alone: we’re here for you!


Meet Our Team

Kaitlyn Breederland

Kaitlyn Breederland Birth DoulaOwner, Labour Doula, & Placenta Specialist Serving the Edmonton Area

“My biggest accomplishment in life is being a mom when I never thought I could. My biggest passion in life is coming alongside women and families as they venture through the crazy journey of pregnancy, birth, and parenthood. I can only do these things though Christ alone, through his strength, grace, and constant provision.”

Kaitlyn's life is a constant battle between wanting to be a minimalist and her love of thrift store shopping. She cares deeply for her family and is a dedicated wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend. Her faith was rooted deep in her life when she spent her summers of high school working with children and teens at a bible camp, and it continued to play a major role in her life as she worked with seniors in a long term care facility, and it is with her now as she ventures into her calling and passion of working with families as a labour doula. Kaitlyn married the love of her life and best friend in 2012 and has two goofy daughters. She can often be found crocheting and watching shows with her husband, or immersed in some obscure DIY like making pom-poms.

Cristy Wilson

Cristy Wilson Birth DoulaOwner, Labour & Postpartum Doula Serving the Lethbridge Area

Cristy is an immigrant from sunny South Florida who moved up north for love. Of fiery Cuban descent, she is passionate about everything that she does—and her work as a labour and postpartum doula is no exception. She married her greatest love in August of 2014, and together they share a hilarious and spunky toddler named Ava. Cristy is a self-proclaimed cinnamon bun enthusiast and although she misses the palm trees, she desperately loves the cold. When she is not at a birth, or helping a family transition to life with a newborn, Cristy can be found curled up on the couch reading a good book while her husband plays NHL ‘17, or enjoying a steaming hot cup of tea while watching the latest episode of Jane the Virgin. She strives every day to be the very best version of herself: a woman after God's own heart, and never tires of considering the lilies.

Amanda Gaudet

Amanda Gaudet Postpartum DoulaPostpartum Doula Serving the Edmonton Area

From becoming a birth doula ten years ago, working with women in unplanned pregnancies, serving on the ASAC board, creating a large empowering social media mother’s group, co-organizing a mother’s morning-out group, encouraging self-care through health and fitness — wherever she is in life, Amanda has always had a passionate focus on empowering and caring for women. Amanda has had four midwife-assisted births that have ranged from hospital, to birth center, to at home. She participated in the midwifery funding campaigns to help social change take form so women could access the health care providers they want without having to worry about the cost. Amanda believes in the strength of women and that creating a village of mothers is essential to a functional society.

Amanda has been married since 2009 and is the mother of four. She is a dedicated wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and leader. Her faith is the center of her life and she served for 6 months as a lay missionary in New Zealand, briefly as a marriage prep guide, choir member, and takes part in a bi-weekly Bible study. Aside from her passion for women, she loves to pursue her fitness goals, thrift shop, and find ways to be frugal in all areas of her life. She is excited to start serving women again as a postpartum doula.

Noel Breker

Noel Breker Birth DoulaLabour Doula Serving the Camrose Area

Noel has a passion for people, holistic health, learning about and living a life that follows Jesus, as well as travelling and enjoying a good, dark beer. She can also be found doing CrossFit, tackling home renovation projects with her husband or being the audience for her 3-year old’s impromptu singing performances and living room dance “recitals”. Originally from a small town in Oregon and after completing a bachelor's degree at a state college, she adventured to Australia, Mexico City, and then Taiwan in her early 20’s. It was there she met her Canadian husband, Ryan. After marrying in 2012, they settled in Camrose and have welcomed their two wild and adorable kiddos, Margaux and Maxwell in the last 3 years.

It was the births of her children that awoke the dream within her to become a doula. Through her privilege and experience of hiring a doula for both of her own births, she discovered a desire to see others have that support as well. It was something she felt the calling and ability to offer. Noel would love the opportunity and blessing to encourage, prepare, build up, and pray for families during their labour and deliveries. To be a solid support and continual cheerleader every step of the way. To empower women to do what God created them to do, in whatever ways they seek and to help them feel peace in the process. She looks forward to walking alongside each of her future clients throughout their most precious, life-impacting moments.

Gerri Isaac

Gerri Isaac Birth DoulaLabour Doula Serving the Camrose Area

Gerri is a stay-at-home mom who is usually running frantically behind two energetic, bright boys whom she adores. Growing up in Northern Alberta, she met her first love at the very young age of 15, dated him for six years, married him, and moved and settled in the charming city of Camrose in 2006. She strives for calmness and living holistically, but is leaning every day to enjoy and juggle lovable chaos, her life, and her family. She naturally gravitates to all people and loves one-on-one time and building relationships.

You can find Gerri making time for herself at the local CrossFit gym, enthused about building heathy body image, delivering coffee to people she loves, opening her home for countless play dates, and constantly cleaning and organizing. She is passionate about working alongside women: encouraging them to be kinder to themselves, and helping them in vulnerable moments to feel accepted, loved, and supported.

Megan Davies

Megan Wilson Childbirth EducatorChildbirth Educator Serving the Edmonton Area

Megan first considered being a childbirth educator after her first son was born in 2011. Six years and three more babies later, YEG Prenatal was born. Megan’s goal in her classes is to help women approach birth feeling informed, empowered and confident. She spends most of her time bouncing between home, school, church and the grocery store (kids eat a lot!). On the rare occasion she has free time she likes to craft and crochet, read historical fiction and dream about living on a farm.